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This piece of software will help you when performing several tasks, because it is not a simple flash player, it can convert formats, be used as a browser and it can also setup a flash movie as default screensaver.

Ideal Flash Player can convert between formats any flash movie, you can converta flash movie into an executable file (swf to exe), an executable file containing a flash movie into a simple flash movie (exe to swf) or a flash movie into a screensaver (swf to scr)

If you have a flash movie you like a lot, and you want to set it as default screensaver, you can do it thanks to Ideal Flash Movie, you only have to choose the movie you want to set as screensaver and Ideal Flash Player will do it quickly and easily!

Now you can get Flash movies from Internet temporary files and save it in another path, view them in turn, preview them easily and more. If you like flahs movies, this is your program.

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